Alexandre C.

Consultant Manager SOC based in Hong-Kong

What is your job at I-TRACING ?

At I-TRACING I am a consultant manager based in Hong Kong. I manage a team of SOC analysts based in Asia as part of a CyberSOC “Follow-The-Sun” strategy with teams in France, Canada and Asia.


What are the stake and challenges of your job ?

Based in Hong Kong, the main difficulty I might have is the distance to France. In particular, the 6 to 7 hours time difference depending on the time of day.
Fortunately at I-TRACING we can easily communicate with the teams. The employees and managers are really flexible in terms of hours, whether they work or not.

What is your background at I-TRACING ?

I had a rather atypical background before joining I-TRACING. I did a training on astronomy and astrophysics subjects which, at first glance, has nothing to do with cybersecurity. I had the opportunity to show that between astronomy and cybersecurity there is an obvious bridge: data processing.

Why did you choose to work at I-TRACING ?

What struck me when I arrived at I-TRACING was the average age. We are a lot of young engineers, which naturally creates a certain cohesion, because we have more or less the same interests. We do outside activities that are either personal or supervised, or at least sponsored by I-TRACING. (running, futsal, table football tournaments).


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