Guillaume T.

Hosted Infrastructures Manager

What is your job at I-TRACING ?

At I-TRACING I have various tasks, we need to make sure that we operate on a daily basis and exploit the security bricks previously integrated for the customer.


What are the stake and challenges of your job ?

Security is an ongoing world. We don’t yet know tomorrow’s security vulnerabilities, so the challenge for this position is to keep up to date on the different technologies and to stay on constant watch for the latest vulnerabilities and technologies.

What types of projects are you involved in ?

At I-TRACING, we don’t stay stuck, confined to working only on a particular technology or expertise. It’s very cross-functional and it allows us to handle a wide variety of technologies and to quickly develop our skills.

Your advices to become a Security Engineer ?

The advice I can give to someone planning to become a Safety Engineer is to be curious. It’s a world that’s constantly changing. If you don’t go looking for information, you quickly become obsolete.


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