Pierre C.

Consulting Manager

What is your job at I-TRACING ?

My job is to work on security issues in Cloud environments, both technical and functional.
This involves to implement security solutions, governance and security support for clients.


What types of projects are you involved in ?

I work on projects involving the installation of security solutions oriented towards data protection or cloud access, such as risk analyses or support for clients and CISOs on the governance that needs to be provided in terms of securing environments.

Your advices to become a Cloud Security Engineer ?

First of all, you should like challenges because there are very complex and diverse environments.
You have to like technology watch and not be afraid to put your nose in the technical side of things and always follow it. You also have to be versatile to cover the whole spectrum of cybersecurity.

Why did you choose to work at I-TRACING ?

First of all, I joined I-TRACING for the autonomy, we are trusted. We touch on very interesting subjects with high added value. These projects lead us to interact with people who are both operational and functional, which can attract both young and old passionates.


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