Tony C.

SOC Manager and Lead Analyst 

What is your job at I-TRACING ?

My job is to monitor and analyze security events to ensure the security of our clients’ information systems.
On these security events, we will implement different types of use-cases, either established by our clients, or use-cases defined by SOC analysts.


What are the stake and challenges of your job ?

One of the challenges of this position is to keep up to date on the different types of incidents on the perimeter we work on.
You must also be able to lead your team to ensure the various projects that are being carried out and sometimes be able to assimilate both.

What is your background at I-TRACING ?

I have a rather classical background, I arrived in 2016 at I-TRACING when we started to form the SOC. Today, I pilot one of the biggest SOC of I-TRACING with about ten people.
At I-TRACING, we know how to give the chance to people who want to learn. If you want to evolve, all doors are open.

Why did you choose to work at I-TRACING ?

First of all at I-TRACING, I found a little bit of what I could find in all the sports I used to practice before. It’s really a team spirit, sharing and cohesion.
We always have someone who will be able to help us, to pull us up when we have a little bit of slack or the opposite. It’s really a spirit at I-TRACING that can be found in all departments.


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