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Passionate Cybersecurity

At I-TRACING, we bring together all our technical expertise and engineering experience to support and secure your business at all times, wherever you operate.

Our purpose? To empower your organization thanks to our all-encompassing cybersecurity services portfolio.

I-TRACING key figures

19 years of experience
+115M€ revenue in 2023
+30% average yearly growth rate
+700 experts all over the world
+450 customers all over the world
6 subsidiaries around the world

I-TRACING, inside

We tell you more about who we are and what we do. Proud to be the first independent pure-player in cybersecurity services, at I-TRACING, we address all cyber topics internationally.

Join our collective adventure!

Achieve your career goals with commitment, limitless potential and a shared passion for cybersecurity as a service.

Making a positive impact, at scale

Our team of 600 committed cybersecurity experts in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, China, Malaysia and beyond delivers transformative know-how from consulting to integration and managed services, SOC and CERT Follow The Sun 24/7.

This ensures around-the-clock mobilization, global and local support, wherever you operate.


High expectation, high standards

At I-TRACING, we strive to exceed stakeholder expectations by upholding the highest standards and employing a thorough certification approach. By committing to stringent frameworks, we ensure unparalleled leadership and compliance.

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2024 Swift I-TRACING
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Driven By Performance,
Empowered by values

Picto Human First

Human First

Meritocraty, service and trust are embedded in our DNA. By making human intelligence the beating heart of our strategy, we can set more ambitious goals, while fostering winning and sustainable partnerships, with you.

picto Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise, Always

With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve honed our engineering expertise serving the most demanding customers. Our greatest strength lies in continually enhancing services and technological know-how while fostering talent, and inspiring leadership at every level.

Picto Results

Results Matter

We tailor our project assessment to ensure unparalleled support and align with your goals. Leveraging expertise, we assess projects comprehensively, providing transformative advice on solutions, organization, resources, and budget to ensure sustained service quality and objective achievement.


A collective journey

Our Human Ressources policy thrives on meritocraty, encouraging positive ambition, employee fulfilment and active career paths. That means embracing internal and international mobility, fostering trust and quality human relations every day.

Passionate about cybersecurity, we value continuous learning, individual development and collective success.

Join our collective adventure!

Achieve your career goals with commitment, limitless potential and a shared passion for cybersecurity as a service.