You will join our team based in Montréal and you will oversee implementation, administration, management and evolution of different security solutions used by our clients. This is a central activity to protect the systems of our clients.
The position also offers a great opportunity to get involve in the growth of the company in Canada. We will face a lot of challenges, and everyone can take a part to the adventure of I-TRACING Montréal.
You will be in charge of:
  • Ensuring and contributing to the maintenance inf operational condition of the SOC, hosted systems and associated security equipment.
  • The updates of procedures and documents
  • Participating to the analysis and reporting on the applicative performance solution or websites through the control panel
  • Being the last defence before a security disaster
  • Doing corrective and evolutive maintenance of application testing of scenarios

Position Requirements


If you are
  • Postgraduate in Cybersecurity with a significant experience in cybersecurity, networks and systems with a grip on small programming
  • Enthusiastic, curious, and closely following news regarding cybersecurity technologies (cybersecurity never sleeps)
If you have skills regarding:
  • Systems: Windows, Linux, VMware
  • IP services and networks: DNS, proxy, NAC, LDAP/AD, bastion
  • Security: firewall, WAF, IDS/IPS, SIEM, authentication, data base security, vulnerabilities, DLP, protection DDoS, PKI
Log management would be appreciated
Template modèle offre d'emploi

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